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FineDEE iPad Charging Cart is ideal for replenishing power to technology in the classroom, office, or trade show events.  The hard case can accommodate up to 40 tablets or laptops and some have built-in LED light indicators that let you know when devices are ready for use. The multiple charging cart features an impact-resistant hard shell case with dual locking latches and a lock hole for a padlock on the back side of the case for added security. Our Charging Trolley also features foam padding protection or plastic dividers to prevent your devices from shifting during transport. The charging trolley is equipped with two wheels and a telescoping, retractable handle for easy transport. This lightweight multiple-charging cart is ideal for classroom educators, exhibitors, or anyone who is looking for a secure and portable way to ensure their tablets or laptops are powered up and ready for use.
By continuously-introduced edge technologies, our charging cart comes with PD quick charging, wireless charging, intelligent charging whilst syncing, and variable frequency cooling. We will create more in the future! Enjoy a joyful charging experience with FineDEE portable all-in-one charging trolley.

  • USB Sync
    USB Sync
    USB charger. Sync and secure data between host PC and tablets/iPads.
  • WiFi Sync
    WiFi Sync
    Fast charge and sync via WiFi. Unbind wired-network and cover more mobile devices.
  • USB Type-C
    USB Type-C
    Fast-charge PD 3.0 charging trolley. Exclusive for USB-C devices: Chromebook, iPad Pro or laptops.
  • AC Charging Trolley
    AC Charging Trolley
    PDU inside to supply AC power to charge laptops/Chromebook
  • Smart Quick Charge
    Smart Quick Charge
    Flight cases. Easy to charge, secure, and transport.
  • Backup Power
    Backup Power
    Built-in Lithium Battery is a backup power to keep continuous working without limit.
  • Wireless Charging
    Wireless Charging
    16 table devices. Charge your device without USB cable. Comply with WPC-1.2.2 wireless charging

Application Area

In today's technology-driven world, the demand for mobile devices has surged across various sectors, creating a pressing need for efficient charging solutions. Charging trolleys, also known as charging carts or charging cabinets, have emerged as versatile tools with applications spanning education, training institutes, enterprises, hospitals, and government organizations.

In the education sector, charging trolleys are essential for managing and charging laptops and tablets. They offer secure storage, device protection, and uninterrupted access, enhancing the learning process.

Training institutes and enterprises benefit from charging trolleys by ensuring devices are readily available for presentations and daily operations, boosting productivity.

Hospitals rely on these trolleys to maintain critical medical devices, ensuring quick access to vital patient information, and enhancing patient care while safeguarding data privacy.

Government organizations utilize charging trolleys to secure confidential data on devices and streamline operations, promoting data security and efficiency.

Charging trolleys have become indispensable tools across these sectors, streamlining device management, enhancing productivity, and ensuring data security. As technology continues to advance, the adaptability and utility of charging trolleys make them invaluable assets in our digitally-driven world.

  • Education
  • Hospital
  • Enterprise
  • Meeting
  • Library
  • Training Institute
    Training Institute
  • IT Solution
    IT Solution
  • University


Read about tech trends, tips for managing mobile devices, FineDEE news, and more.  We are the experts in multi-mobile charging solutions and are here to help all industries with smart ways to keep devices safe, charged, and secured.

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