Can I Charge My Laptop With USB-C?

December 26, 2022


When it comes to current laptops sold within approximately the last eight years, the answer is, “It depends.” Though USB-C ports have become very common on laptops, and USB-C power for laptops is fairly common, power over USB-C isn’t standard, and it’s not always easy to tell if it’s even supported.

Let’s start simple. If your laptop came with a USB-C style plug on its power adapter, then the answer is "yes." Note: Using that bundled power adapter is your best bet, since it matches the wattage your laptop needs, while having the right connector type.

Complicating things a bit, some other laptops support USB-C laptop charging but also offer another charging method. Systems like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 (2021), the Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 7, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 all support charging via USB-C but come with a different style of charger in the box. If you want to take advantage of the USB-C charging support, you’ll need to provide your own power cable.

Even more confusingly, many laptops with USB-C ports do not offer charging of their batteries over USB-C. Those that do will usually not have an additional charging port, but you will see exceptions to that. And sometimes a USB-C port will be marked with an icon or label to indicate its use for power delivery, while other times it won't.

In general, thin ultraportable laptops support USB-C charging whether or not they also have an additional charging port. Meanwhile, gaming rigs and other laptops with powerful graphics cards usually do not. (That said, we have started to see some gaming and power-user models that support USB-C charging of the battery, but potentially not at a rate that can outpace the battery drain when in use.) If you’re not sure whether your laptop can be charged over USB-C, your best bet is to check the product documentation or ask the manufacturer's customer support for clarification.

After making sure that your laptop can be charged with USB-C, meanwhile, you want a portable charging way for your laptops. Then you can contact us for more details about our Chromebook charging cart for more details. And as for an OEM supplier, OEM solutions are welcome.

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