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Pico Charging Trolley

May 23, 2023

The design of the Pico is as you would expect from a VR headset, it's made of plastic with a matte finish but surprisingly, you don't get the impression that it's cheaply made at all which makes it very similar to the Quest 2. A good thing in our opinion. 

Being a mixed reality headset, the front is covered in glass for color passthrough and this certainly makes the Pico 4 seem more advanced compared to the Quest 2 as it doesn't have that function. On another note, just from a visual standpoint,  you can definitely guess which precedes the other.

The Pico 4 is also designed with its battery compartment at the back so the weight is counterbalanced. However, it is slightly heavier than the Quest 2 at about 586 grams or 1.29 lbs. The adjustments, however, make for a snug and comfortable fit. You don't feel the strain from playing long hours as compared to Quest 2, where the weight is mostly packed at the front which you can definitely feel the effects of, especially when you play games like Super Hot where you need to turn your head a lot. So despite the increase in weight, it is actually the more comfortable headset of the two.

The Pico is designed to fit with glasses with a spacer if you need that additional gap and in most cases, it does fit quite comfortably. Although if your go-to glasses are the kind with thicker or larger rims, you might have a little trouble with them so do take note.

As for the controllers, it's designed to fit the contours of your grip and generally, we have no complaints with them. The rounded parts that go around the controllers do strike us a little bit odd at first but after seeing one of our colleagues hit the headset while playing All-in-one sports, we definitely now do understand why the design is so.


Aside from that, you get the USB C port but strangely, the Pico 4 doesn't have a 3.5mm jack. It might not be that big of a deal for everyone but we do prefer to have options. Not to mention if you play it tethered you'll likely be on it for longer periods and you don't want your audio cutting off halfway due to a lack of batteries and such.

This might be a sizable concern considering that the speakers aren't the best. It sounds hollow, lacking any clarity and the exhaust fans of the Pico quickly overshadow the listening experience but if you just want to hear what's happening instead of being immersed then it should suffice. But of course, not the best experience.

Contact us to get a charging trolley for your Pico 4!

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