Understanding Wireless Charging

May 29, 2023

Wireless charging systems have been in development for quite a period of time. This technology provides the user with a “Hands-free” method of charging, while also introducing some safety features unique to wireless charging.

Design and safety standards are being developed, and these standards will be required to ensure safe equipment that is functional and can operate as designed when used in various combinations of wireless charging stations. Today, we will be talking about the safety and security concerns of wireless charging that one must know and follow while using wireless charging solutions.

How Does Wireless Charging Work

Wireless charging is based on the magnetic resonance (MR) or inductive power transfer principle (IPT). Energy is transmitted from the charger to the device’s receiver via electromagnetic induction. The charger generates an alternating electromagnetic field using an induction coil, which the receiver coil converts back into electricity. Several wireless charging methods are:

Radio Charging: This method is commonly used to power devices with small batteries and low power consumption, such as smartphones, wireless mice, keyboards, medical devices, smartwatches, music players, etc. The device’s receiver is set to the same frequency as the transmitter, allowing it to charge via radio waves.

Inductive charging: Inductive charging is a popular method for charging medium-sized gadgets. Inductive charging requires the device to be placed on a wireless or conductive charging pad before being plugged into an electrical outlet.

Resonance Charging: Resonant wireless chargers are utilized for high-power devices such as computers, electric cars, vacuum cleaners, and robots. The copper coil in the device is tailored to the same electromagnetic intensity as the coil in the power source during resonance charging.

FineDEE first released our wireless charging cart in 2019, with the accumulation of these years, our technology has been continuously upgraded. Contact us for the wireless charging cart for your mobile device!

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