Introducing the Ultimate USB-C Charging Trolley for Tablets, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 Devices

At FineDEE, we are thrilled to unveil our cutting-edge USB-C Charging Trolley, specifically designed to meet the charging and organization needs of tablets, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 devices. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where tablets have become integral tools in education, business, and personal use, our charging trolley offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your device management.

Efficient Charging and Compatibility 

Our USB-C Charging Trolley provides seamless compatibility with a wide range of tablets, including popular models such as iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 devices. With USB-C ports, you can conveniently connect and charge your devices without the hassle of searching for individual chargers or adapters. Whether you have a mixed fleet of tablets or specific models, our trolley ensures efficient charging for all.

Simultaneous Charging For Enhanced Productivity

With multiple charging ports available, our trolley enables simultaneous charging of multiple tablets, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 devices. This eliminates the time-consuming process of charging devices one by one, allowing you to optimize productivity and ensure your devices are always ready for use. No more delays or interruptions due to low battery levels!

Secure Storage and Peace Of Mind

The USB-C Charging Trolley provides secure storage for your tablets, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 devices. Equipped with lockable compartments, you can rest assured that your valuable devices are protected against theft and unauthorized access. The robust construction of the trolley adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your tablets are safe and well-preserved.

Effortless Organization And Accessibility

Keeping your tablets organized and easily accessible is crucial for efficient workflows. Our charging trolley incorporates intelligently designed compartments and cable management systems, allowing you to neatly store and identify each tablet. This streamlined organization saves time during deployment and ensures a hassle-free user experience.

Mobility And Flexibility

With its durable wheels and ergonomic handle, our USB-C Charging Trolley offers effortless mobility and flexibility. Easily transport the trolley between different locations, classrooms, or offices without any inconvenience. The trolley's compact design ensures smooth navigation through doorways and tight spaces, making it an ideal solution for various environments.

Unlock the Full Potential

Investing in our USB-C Charging Trolley empowers educational institutions, businesses, and organizations to optimize their tablet management strategies. By simplifying the charging process, enhancing security, and improving organization, our trolley allows you to maximize the potential of your tablets, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 devices. Experience the seamless integration of technology and efficiency.

Discover the Difference

Take charge of your tablet management with our USB-C Charging Trolley. Simplify your workflows, secure your devices, and elevate your tablet experience. Contact us today to learn more about our USB-C Charging Trolley and how it can revolutionize the way you charge and manage your tablet fleet. Let us help you stay connected and ahead in the digital era.



FineDEE is one of the few specialist manufacturers of charging trolleys. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and providing the highest quality security, charging, and transport solutions for mobile devices. By continuously incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as PD quick charging, intelligent charging with sync capabilities, and variable frequency cooling, we have transformed unwieldy cabinets into portable all-in-one charging trolleys. Our mission is to ensure that customers have a seamless and superior user experience.

Quality is of utmost importance to us. Our goal is to develop high-quality products, and quality testing plays a central role at FineDEE. It is at the core of our research, development, and manufacturing processes for all our products. Our FineDEE charging trolleys comply with worldwide regulations and hold certifications such as CE, FCC, and ISO 9001, which attest to our effective quality management system.

We are responsive to our customers' needs and approach innovation with the ultimate aim of satisfying you. We consider our customers as partners, recognizing that by working closely together, we can provide the best charging solutions for each client. Our state-of-the-art designs combine the latest advancements with the efficiency of conventional products, forming the foundation of our company. FineDEE continuously innovates its charging trolleys, bringing surprises to customers in various fields, including education, training institutes, enterprises, hospitals, and government sectors.

We are leading the "New Way" of portable, intelligent, and multi-functional charging solutions, breaking space limitations, enhancing facility efficiency, and reducing operating costs. FineDEE aims to achieve win-win partnerships and foster a sustainably developed business environment.


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