Laptop/Chromebook Charging Cart


FineDEE Laptop charging Cart provides AC charging, secure storage, and cord management for up to 20 Chromebooks and laptops. AC outlets provide convenient charging for Chromebooks and laptops with a screen size up to 15 inches. It's recommended for education, office, commercial, retail, industrial, and healthcare environments.


Our charging trolley is made with the mold injection hard case for long-term durability. There are lock holes for padlocks on the charging trolley to help prevent device theft and damage. The laptop charging cart also encourages the clutter-reducing organization of devices and cabling.  Charging using the manufacturer-supplied AC adapters, all stored at the bottom of the case. Cable management with only short lengths of power cables presented to the top of the case– so cables are all neat and tidy, very simple to connect, and can’t go missing.


And our laptop charging carts come in 2 parts, apart from the PDU type, we also have the USB-C. The USB-C laptop charging cart is mainly for Chromebooks, laptops that support PD charging. No need for the manufacturer-supplied AC adapters, just 1pcs USB-C cable, then you can charge your laptop. The good news is that we’re living in a day and age where basically every new laptop charges via USB-C — it doesn’t matter if it’s made by Apple, Dell, HP or Lenovo. That means our USB-C Laptop charging cart is suitable for most the laptop on the market.


And you may wonder, "Is there a minimum wattage required to charge a laptop?".

It depends. Typically, a wall adapter or portable charger has to output at least 29 watts or 31 watts to give a laptop more power than it consumes by just being on. This, of course, will vary depending on how intensive your power consumption is. Happy to tell our USB-C charging trolley comes with 36W per port, so we believe it can meet your needs.


The other thing is that not all USB-C ports are the same. Specifically, not all USB-C ports support Power Delivery and not all of them accept charging. Also, not every USB-C cable supports PD. So if you’re wondering why your laptop isn’t charging even when plugged in, it could be an issue with the charging port or the charging cable you’re using.


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